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We do not install, but we have contractors that we recommend and can put you in contact with. 

We do not offer delivery services. 

By appointment only. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment. 

You will need a truck or trailer, three straps, and two small A-frames made from 2x4's. 

Yes, it comes from quarries all over the world. 

We are a direct importer which cuts out the cost of a middle man and allows our customers to save more.

Each piece is about 240 lbs. 

Yes, you can install the stone yourself with the correct tools. 

4572 East 74 North
Rigby, Idaho 83442

Please call to set up an appointment to view our products. 

Yes, we highly recommend sealing your product after installation. 


Our products will work in most kitchens and baths. We do not recommend using them on 45-degree angles or Lazy Susans. 

Yes, you can splice or seam the pieces. 

It has a thickness of 2 cm. The front edge is 4 cm and comes either double bull-nosed or flat-polished. 

Forever if cared for properly with cleaners specifically made for granite and stone. We can provide recommendations on good cleaning products to use. 

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